Hit or Miss

August 14th, 2015

I’ve always had a fascination with antique hit or miss rugs and have always wanted to try my hand at making one. I just never seemed to be abe to get past my mental road block to find just the right inspiration to get things going. Finally, after what must have been my ten thousandth google image search, I spied inspiration in the form of a spiral. This was a hit or miss style I hadn’t seen before. Armed with a plan and an alarmingly large pile of worms left over from other hooking projects, I set myself to the task.

My work progressed quickly and grew addictive. No sooner than I had finished one piece, I was off and running to the next. I’m teaming with ideas for color combinations and backgrounds.

The second spiral was meant to be a larger version of my first but with a pale background instead. When I finished the circle, however, I thought it might have greater impact simply as a round. And then I had my best idea all day and asked Dave to make me a primitve looking door or such that I could mount the finished piece to. I could not be happier with the results.


Japanese Cranes

July 22nd, 2015

I’ve just finished up and delivered a fantastically enjoyable project: a commissioned hooked pillow that I took through the process from beginning to end.  The Landmark School was celebrating the retirement of a much loved teacher after 40 years of service and wanted a gift that would truly reflect their admiration for her and her own personal loves as she embarked on the next phase of her life’s journey.  After multiple discussions and drafts, we finally honed in on the perfect design.  Hooking was a joy—there is never such a pleasure as  finding the perfect shade of wool to express what you are trying to convey or deciphering the direction and style of the hooked rows of wool to pull it all together.

The creativity did not end when the hooking was done.  We found a gorgeous crewel work fabric to back the pillow with, and another teacher beautifully hand embroidered the date, school, and sentiment throughout the design.  This project was truly a labor of love to celebrate a person who so clearly deserved it.


The Story of A Bench

June 16th, 2015

We had an adventurous winter and early spring searching out intriguing things to make other things out of.  At one stop, we came across a cache of antique bed frames that we couldn’t resist.  The multitude of ideas we have for these will keep us busy for months.  This Four Poster Bench is first out of the blocks, and we’re just getting started…

The Four Poster Bench and Stars and Stripes Pillow Set are both available at The Barn at Todd Farm in Rowley, MA.



June 8th, 2015

The Vintage Bazaar is in a mere two weeks, we’ve had family graduations up the wazoo, special orders, commissions, etc., etc.  We’ve been delightfully busy.  Today I’ve hooked, picked up a Craigslist find, shopped for fabric, and am now tea staying the almost perfect fabric I found to upholster the magnificent bench that Dave’s been building from an antique bed frame.  And the day is still young…


Brimfield Bound

May 12th, 2015

Well, this is a first for us.  We never thought we’d be at Brimfield, but The Vintage Bazaar invited us, and how could we say no?  Yesterday, dogs walked and trailer loaded, we hit the road.  Traffic is never anyone’s friend on Rte 128, so it was a two hour drive.  I can’t complain, though.  Dave was driving (I don’t do trailers), and I was knitting, so I couldn’t have been more content.  The day was hot and humid, Dave was under the weather, and we were short on time, but the people are wonderful, our little corner of Brimfield is beautiful, and back on the road again we go.  Dave driving.  Me knitting.  Life is good.

Find us at Central Park in The Vintage Bazaar Tent, booths 112-114.  Tues through Sat, May 12th-16th.



Primitive Rustic Benches made by Dave. Dried lavender bundles tied with antique lace and linens.

Find us in Central Park, booths 112-114


Vintage Store Display Counter Remake

May 4th, 2015

Dave just finished remaking this great vintage store display counter by the F.O. Bailey Company of Portland, Me.  We were lucky enough to find it pulled from a little store in Woolwich, Me.  Repainted the color of vanilla bean ice-cream and paired with a rustic wide pine top and floor, this piece is more than ready to serve as your kitchen island, display case, or crafting center.


Vintage Style Schoolhouse

April 27th, 2015

We seem to have a trend going on in our finds lately.  Hmmm.  All are available at The Barn at Todd Farm, 275 Main St,  Rowley, MA.

Little Red Desk and Chair $125

Child's School Chair $55

Child's Soap Box Desk $55

The best part is underneath!


Lion and Cat: A Hand Sewing Pattern

March 24th, 2015

I’ve been making Cashmere Critters in some form or another for a few years now.  One design for a bunny evolved into a design for a kitty, and that kitty grew into a lion.  That’s how things roll in my head.  Now, I confess, I’ve become enamored with this little lion and his friend and will soon have a whole pride of the creatures in a multitude of colors.  So I figured it was time to share the love and make the pattern available so you can give these sweet and simple creatures a try to.

The pattern for feline friends is available as an instant download in my Easy shop.

With small pockets, these soft toys can serve double duty as tooth pillows, too.


Knit Yourself a Cowl

March 10th, 2015

With weather like we’ve been having in the Northeast, chunky knits are the way to go.  Both these patterns are relatively quick knits, and you’ll be toasty by the end of the weekend.

First to Last:  Chunky Wool Cowl Chunky Braided Cowl

Psst:  If you don’t knit, you can special order one completed just for you.

Chunky Braided Cowl

Chunky Wool Cowl


Rug Hooking Patterns

February 23rd, 2015

It is a small but growing collection of rug hooking patterns available as instant downloads. I’m excited with the newest addition, The Jacobean Hooked Rug. Like all my patterns, it includes multiple color pictures and this time, I’ve offered the pattern in two sizes. Lots of room to play and use your imagination.

The Amsterdam Rug Hooking Pattern Instant Download
Pattern for the Sunflower Hooked Pillow
Woman Feeding Chickens Rug Hooking Pattern, Instant Download
Tree of Life Rug Hooking Pattern Instant Download
Jacobean Rug Hooking Pattern